Galveston Safety Documents

A dusk shot of the Galveston Bay Refinery


Galveston Bay Refinery Safety Rules and Procedures

You may review all GBR safety procedures and forms using this secured site.


Life Critical Safety Practices

Confined Space


Energy Isolation

Fall Protection & Ladders

H2S Exposure Control

Hot Work

Life Critical Safety Procedures and Accountability

Lifting and Rigging Operations (Including Personnel Baskets)

Pressure Testing

Safe Equipment Preparation Guidelines

Safe Work Permit


Other Forms and Procedures

Abrasive Blasting Management

Aerosol Container Management

Asbestos Management

Assured Equipment Grounding Conductor Program



Bike & Tricycle Safety

Bucket Trucks

Cell Phone, Pager, PDA Use and Restrictions

Compressed Gas Cylinders

Confined Space

Cutting Equipment

Drinking Water

Drum Washing-Crushing Procedure


Electrical Cable Pull Policy

Elevator Guidelines

Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Shower & Eyewash Stations

Energy Isolation

Ergonomics Stress Exposure Control


Fall Protection & Ladders

Fire Equipment Inspection and Maintenance

Floating Roof Tank

Fork Lift

Gas Testing

General Safety Rules

H2S Exposure Control

Hazard Communication

HexChrome Exposure Control

Heat Stress Prevention

Hearing Conservation


Hot Tap, In-Service Welding, Line Stops & Temp Leak Repairs

Hot Work

Hydroblasting & Water Jetting

Lead Exposure Reduction

Life Critical Safety Procedures & Accountability

Lifting & Rigging Operation (including Personnel Baskets)

Lightning Procedure

Live Flare Header Invasive Work

Local Exhaust Ventilation

Maintenance, Start-up and Shutdown (MMS) Activities

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (JLG, Scissor Lifts)

Motor Vehicle and Driving Safety

Muster Point Map

Occupational Injury and Illness Management

Personal Protective Equipment

Photography & Video Recording

Portable Tank (Frac Tank & Poly Tank) Management

Pressure Testing

Process Unit Sign-in and Sign-out


Radiation Safety Management

Respiratory Protection (including facial hair)

Rod-out (unplugging equipment under pressure)

Safe Equipment Preparation Guidelines

Safe Work Permit

Safety Engagement Program


Silica Exposure Control


Spent Catalyst Management

Stationary Portable Engine

Surface Preparation on In-Service Equipment

Trash Management

Universal Waste

Used Oil Waste Management

Vacuum - Pneumatic Trucks

Waste Container Management

Waste Handling Guideline

Waste Visual Standards