Detroit Refinery Safety Rules and Procedures

Life Critical Safety Practices

Life Critical Safety Standards & Accountability

Confined Space

Additional Confined Space Sign in/Sign Out for Authorized Entrants

Confined Space Entry

Inert Confined Space Entry

Reclassification of Non-Confined Space Notice

Safety Work Permit Confined Space Tracking Log



Electrical Safety Program

Electrical Cable Pulling

Electrical Cable Pull Checklist

Electrical Cable Pull Plan

Exception for Cable Pull Checklist


Energy Isolation

Blinding and Energy Isolation

Master Isolation List Form

MPC Blind List

Line Breaking Procedure

Supplemental MPC Blind List


Fall Protection

Fall Protection

Guardrail/Grating/Decking/Floor Removal Form


Hot Work

Hot Work Procedure

Portable Electronic Device Use and Restriction Policy

In-Service Welding Hot Tapping


Safe Work Permit

Detroit invasive Work Risk Assessment Matrix

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Procedure

Safe Work Permit (SWP) Procedure

Safe Work Permit Confined Space Tracking Log


Other Procedures


Asbestos Management

Asbestos Handling and Health Plan



Barricade Procedure


Bicycle Procedure

Bicycle Procedure


Circle of Safety Process

Circle of Safety



Demolition Guideline

Excavation & Ground Penetration

Pile Driving


Contractor Safety Program

Contractor’s Safety Program


Dropped Tools

Dropped Tools and Materials Prevention Guideline


Emergency Response/Preparedness

Non-Emergency Use of Fire Water System

Operation of Commercial Motor Vehicles

Removal of Non-Essential Personnel


Ergonomics Program

Ergonomics Program


H2S Exposure Control

H2S Exposure Control  

Invasive Work Procedure      


Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene Program

Hearing Conservation Program

Toxic Metals Exposure Control Program

Contaminant Thresholds and Conditions

Working with Hydrocarbons Containing Benzene

Silica Handling Plan

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan


Injury Management

OCIP Procedure

Injury Management Procedure


Leading Indicators

At Risk/Near Miss Guideline


Lifting and Rigging Operations

 Rigging and Lifting

Crane Jib Checklist

Suspended Personnel Platforms

Preventing Encroachment Form/Electrocution Form


Miscellaneous Procedures

Aerial Work Platforms

Site Safety Management Plan

General Safety Rules

Safe Attire Guidelines

Safety Procedure Variance and Exception Guidelines

Safety Orientation Procedure

Tank Gauging/Sampling – IDLH Atmospheres

Portable Gas Detector Care

Motor Vehicle Safety and Driving Standard

Utility Hose Guidelines

Safe Use of Nitrogen

Safety Use of Vacuum Trucks

Work on Piping and Tank Bottoms Under Cathodic Protection

Housekeeping Standard

Non - English Speaking Workers

Plant Tour Procedure

Live Flare Header Invasive Work

Onboarding Guideline

Lightning Safety


Mobile/Maintenance Equipment

Powered Industrial Trucks

Equipment Inspection for Mobile Equipment/Maintenance Equipment


Personal Protective Equipment

Refinery PPE Policy


Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing


Radiation Safety

Radiation Control Plan


Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection Plan


Safe Equipment Preparation Guidelines

Safe Equipment Preparation Guidelines



Scaffold Erection and Use


Ventilation Program

Local Exhaust Ventilation