Canton Refinery

Up close shot of Canton, OH refinery at night

Step 1: Requirements for Working at the Refinery

Contract Employees must be enrolled in an MPC approved Drug and Alcohol Test program.

  • All Contract Employees must be enrolled in an approved program
  • To obtain an account, please contact DISA's Sales Department at 281-673-2530 or [email protected]
  • Contract Employees status must be tested in an MPC approved program prior to coming onsite. Any Contract Employees not "green-lighted" will not be allowed onsite. 

Contract Employees must pass a background security check from one of the following background check providers: (These are the currently approrved MPC background check providers)

Approved Background Check Provider Contact Name Phone E-Mail Address
DISA Global Solutions

Heather Charanza

Brady Quarles



[email protected]

[email protected]

First Advantage
Premier 1 Customer Service 1.866.439.7179       [email protected]
OSCA Edward Cavazos

(713) 487-0159


[email protected]
S2 Verify Bill Whitford 770-649-8282 [email protected]
Safety Council of Texas City Sean Simpson 409-948-9009 [email protected]

All contract workers must take and successfully complete the Refinery approved site-specific training prior to obtaining a Contractor Badge.

Site Specific Orientation:

  • Dates and Times Offered: Monday & Wednesday at 7am, also offered through any Association of Reciprocal Safety Council Locations (ARSC)
  • Location: Stark Building (2225 Gambrinus Ave. SW Canton, OH 44706) or any other ARSC locations
  • How to Register for Site Orientation: Contractor Entry Form by Marathon Requestor for on-site or through any ARSC Location
  • For entry into the refinery all employees they must complete the ORD Site Orientation (12MARCAN) and HF Alky Orientation (12MARHFA) prior to obtaining a badge

    Canton Orientation Video

Contract workers will obtain their refinery access ID card at the Refinery Security & Badging office at the following address:

  • Street Address: 2225 Gambrinus Ave. SW, Canton, OH 44706 

The following is required and will be verified by Refinery Security prior to issuing the Refinery access ID card:

  • Drug & Alcohol testing compliance
  • Background Check
  • Successful completion of the site-specific training
  • A valid picture ID

NOTE: Individuals must present a valid picture ID to receive their Refinery access ID card.

Contractor employees must always keep the Refinery Access ID card in their possession while on Refinery Property.

Step 2: What to Know before Coming Onsite

Illegal drugs and unauthorized alcohol, weapons and unauthorized firearms are prohibited on refinery property. All individuals are subject to search while on company property.

Canton Drug and Alcohol

Canton Weapon Policy

Beards are prohibited within the refinery. Mustaches and short sideburns are permitted if they do not interfere with the facial seal of protective breathing devices.

Canton Facial Hair Policy

The following PPE is required for entry into a process unit and/or tank farm area(s):

  • Hard Hat
  • Chemical Goggles - Available on Person
  • Safety Glasses
  • Hearing Protection
  • NFPA 2112 FR Clothing
  • Gloves - Minimum Cut Level 3 Glove for General Duty Use
  • Personal H2S Monitor
  • Safety Toed Shoe with a defined heel

Certain areas/jobs may require additional PPE which shall be worn in accordance with posted signs or as stated on the Safe Work Permit.

NOTE: Contractor PPE is not supplied by Marathon Petroleum Company LP.

Safety One

Please view this video that best describes the fundamental pillars of MPC’s safety culture. If you have any questions or want more information please contact the Site Safety Supervisor for information.



Visitor Orientation

Please view this video that outlines the requirements of ORD Visitors prior to coming on-site. If you have questions or want more information, please contact your ORD Host.

Visitor Orientation VIdeo Thumbnaiil

ORD Visitor Orientation Video Training Certificate

After viewing the ORD Visitor Orientation Video please print and complete the ORD Visitor Orientation Video Training Certificate. This certificate shall be presented to ORD Security when arriving at the refinery.

Download Certificate