Kenai Refinery

Overhead view of the Kenai Refinery with an Alaskan Mountain range off in the distance

Step 1: Requirements for Working at the Refinery

  • Contractors with MPC Contract - Please contact DISA (New to Kenai – not fully
  • Contractors with Tesoro Contract – D&A program is self-managed.

Contract Employees must pass a background security check through OSCA or DISA.

All contractor workers must successfully complete the Refinery site-specific Contractor Safety Orientation training online, prior to coming on site/obtaining a badge.

Site-specific Contractor Safety Orientation can be taken on-line after contractor’s company has set up an account with OSCA at

Contractors traveling from the lower 48 states have the option to complete their Site-specific Safety Orientation at one of the following OSCA facilities prior to arrival in Alaska:


  • OSCA Carson                                                  California
  • OSCA Martinez                                              California
  • Integrity Safety Services-Ferndale           Washington
  • Integrity Safety Services-Anacortes        Washington
  • Integrity Safety Services-Vancouver       Washington
  • 4C Welding                                                     Oklahoma
  • Houston Area Safety Council                      Texas


Contractors must also possess a valid/current General Industry Health & Safety card.  We accept a variety of H&S cards, including:

    1. Arctic Slope Safety – valid for 1 year
    2. CITS – valid for 1 year
    3. C-Stop (online) – valid for 2 years
    4. HAZWOPER / HAZMAT – valid for 1 year
    5. OSHA 10 – valid for 3 years
    6. OSHA 30 – valid for 3 years
    7. OSHA Hazwoper – valid for 1 year
    8. Pacific Northwest Safety Training – valid for 3 years
    9. Refinery Safety Overview – valid for 3 years
    10. Safety Council – valid for 3 years

Other general industry safety cards may be approved through Kenai’s safety department.

Contact the ES&S Admin. Assistant with questions regarding Contractor Safety Orientation at (907) 776-3575.

Forward copies of all specialized training certifications to the ES&S Admin. Assistant two weeks prior to arrival.  (Examples: NCCCO Crane cert., Alaska Painter’s cert., Respiratory Protection cert., Forklift Operator cert.)


Contractors must be “safety status met” in ISNetworld or have a pre-approved variance  prior to entry.

The following is required and will be verified by Refinery Security prior to issuing the Refinery access ID card:

  • Drug & Alcohol testing compliance,
  • Background Check, and
  • Successful completion of the site-specific training

NOTE: Individuals must present a valid picture ID to receive their Refinery access ID

Contractor employees must always keep the Refinery Access ID Card in their
possession while on Refinery Property.

Step 2: What to Know before Coming Onsite

The Kenai Refinery is a smoke-free facility. Smoking or vaping is not permitted on site.

Illegal drugs and unauthorized alcohol, weapons and unauthorized firearms are prohibited on refinery property. All individuals are subject to search while on company property.

Contact John Averill


[email protected]

All contractors in a respiratory protection program must comply with OSHA 1910.134 (g)(1)(i)(A) & (B) and report to work every day in ready condition (see A, B below) to don a respirator.

A.) Contractors in a respiratory protection program shall NOT report to the refinery with facial hair were their respirator’s sealing surface contacts the face . . .

B.) Nor that interferes with the face-to-facepiece seal or valve function.

Contact John Averill
(907) 776-3562
[email protected]


  • A Hot Work permit is required for Cell Phone use in all process areas unless the cell phone is in an approved, spark-proof case.
  • Use of a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle is prohibited on Kenai Refinery property.

Contact John Averill
(907) 776-3562
[email protected]


The following PPE is required for entry into a process unit and/or tank farm area(s):

  • Hard Hat
  • Chemical Goggles - Available on Person
  • Safety Glasses
  • Hearing Protection
  • NFPA 2112 FR Clothing
  • Gloves - Min - Cut Level 3 Glove for work in Refinery Tank Farm
  • Personal H2S Monitor
  • Safety Toed Shoe with a defined heel

Certain areas/jobs may require additional PPE which shall be worn in accordance with posted signs or as stated on the Safe Work Permit.

NOTE: Contractor PPE is not supplied by Marathon Petroleum Company LP.

Safety One

Please view this video that best describes the fundamental pillars of MPC’s safety culture. If you have any questions or want more information please contact the Site Safety Supervisor for information.