Los Angeles Refinery

Los Angeles Refinery with the American flag displayed on the front

Step 1: Requirements to Work at an MPC Refinery

  • MPC requires all contract employees must be enrolled and must participate in Approved Drug & Alcohol Testing Program 
  • To obtain a Drug and Alcohol Test program account:  
    For account set up; DISA’s Sales Department at 281-673-2530  or https://disa.com/drug-alcohol-testing
  • For ASAP Drug Solutions account set up, phone: 562-624-2720 (Press 3, Email: [email protected]
    Important: All Contract Employees must be tested and be in an “active status”, in an MPC approved Drug and Alcohol Test program (DISA or ASAP Drug Solutions) prior to get a badge. 

Contract Employees must pass a background security check from one of the following background check providers: (These are the currently approved MPC background check providers)

  • OSCA is the preferred point of contact to establish the contractor training account and aid with any training questions/navigation of the website for scheduling training. 
  • Advanced High Hazard Facility Training: 20 hours - Instructor Lead; State (Cal OSHA) Required:
    • Principles of Petroleum Refining - 4 hour (OSCAHHFT-1) 
    • Refinery Safety Overview - 8 hour (OSCAHHFT-2)  
    • Craft Specific Hazards - 8 hour (OSCAHHFT-3)  
  • Site Specific Training: 
    • Marathon LAR Site Orientation LARCSO 30MLACSO (CBT - 1 hour)
    • LAR Safe Work Permit Training (CBT ~2 hour) 
  • Site Orientation:
    • Dates and Times Offered
    • Location
    • How to Register for Site Orientation

Contract workers will obtain their refinery access ID card at the Refinery Security & Badging office at the following address:

  • Street Address -2100 E. 223 Street, Carson, CA 90745

The following is required and will be verified by Refinery Security Badging Office Personnel, prior to issuing the Refinery Photo Access ID badge/card:

Security/Badging personnel will verify all site assess requirements. All requirements are listed below.

Contractor must present the following items for verification process to begin:

  1. Valid Government issued ID,
  2. OSCA Training Badge,
  3. TWIC card,
  4. Contractor must also know their SSN number

Note: No additional documents are required to receive the Refinery Photo Access ID badge/card.

Contract Company DER must have received approved Badge/Vehicle Application for contract employee requesting a photo badge.

Note: Contract Company DER can Access the Badge application through the following link; https://www.asapdrugsolutions.com/Default.aspx?AppName=ASAP

Security/Badging personnel will verify the following requirements:

  • Drug & Alcohol Screening: “Active Status” in DISA or ASAP Drug Solutions systems. Each contractor company must have an account.
  • Social Security number “Valid Status”,
  • Completed/Cleared Background Check in anyone of the Authorized Background Check Providers.
  • Site Safety Training “Valid Status” (training is listed on the OSCA Training Card via expiration date),
  • TWIC Card: “Valid Status”

If all items verified are green (as indicated above) a photo badge will be issued to the contractor.

Note: Contractor employees must always keep the Refinery Access ID Card in their possession while on Refinery Property. Lost badge information See SEC 011.

Step 2: What to Know Before Coming On-Site

The following PPE is required for entry into a process unit and/or tank farm area(s):

  • Hard Hat
  • Chemical Goggles - Available on Person
  • Safety Glasses
  • Hearing Protection
  • NFPA 2112 FR Clothing
  • Gloves - Min - Cut Level 3 Glove for General Duty Use
  • Personal H2S Monitor
  • Safety Toed Shoe with a defined heel

Certain areas/jobs may require additional PPE which shall be worn in accordance with posted signs or as stated on the Safe Work Permit. 

NOTE: Contractor PPE is not supplied by Marathon Petroleum Company LP.

Disclaimer: Specialty Work Contractors whose job scope (or a component of their job scope) does not have a site document listed must get with their MPC Coordinator, Safety or Health Representative to ensure they review the site documents required for their (the Specialty Contractor’s) specific job scope.

Site Documents


FAST Auditing System Tutorial


Safety One

Please view this video that best describes the fundamental pillars of MPC’s safety culture. If you have any questions or want more information please contact the Site Safety Supervisor for information.