Galveston Bay Refining Division
 Step 5 Coming on Site
What Contractors Need to Know Prior to
Coming On Site:

No Smoking Smoking – Smoking is NOT allowed within the refinery except in designated areas. Violation of this rule will be cause for immediate dismissal.

No Drugs or Weapons Drugs and Weapons – Illegal drugs, unauthorized alcohol, weapons and firearms are prohibited on refinery property. All individuals are subject to search while on company property.

Facial Hair Facial Hair Policy– Beards are prohibited within the refinery. Mustaches and short sideburns are permitted if they do not interfere with the facial seal of protective breathing devices. Please see attached document for descriptions of acceptable/unacceptable facial hair. If a contractor will not be working in a process unit, he may fill out a beard waiver form, which must be approved by the parties listed on the form and kept on his person at all times within the refinery gates.
Bulleted Dot Facial Hair Policy Picture

Contractors Bag Personal Equipment – Duffel bags, back packs, tool bags, tool boxes and similar objects must be labeled to indicate the name of the owner and the company they work for.

Cell Phones Cell Phones and Electronic Devices – These devices are not allowed in process units. The use of cellular phones while driving a vehicle is prohibited.

No Cameras Cameras – The use of any camera to take pictures is restricted in all areas of the refinery. The use of camera phones to take pictures is strictly prohibited in all areas of the refinery. Contact Security for more information on taking pictures within the refinery.

Safety Equipment Standard Personal Protective Equipment – Basic PPE required for entry into a process unit is as follows:
Bulleted Dot Hard Hat
Bulleted Dot Safety Glasses
Bulleted Dot Hearing Protection
Bulleted Dot FR Clothing
Bulleted Dot Gloves
Bulleted Dot H2S Monitor
Bulleted DotSafety Boots or Shoes
  1. Must be ANSI/ASTM approved.
  2. Toe caps made from fiberglass and other non-metal materials is permitted as long as the entire shoe meets the ANSI/ASTM criteria. 
  3. Shoes uppers may only be made from leather or other non-absorbent materials. 
  4. Shoes must have a heel which meets the sole at a sharp angle.

Certain areas/jobs may require additional PPE which shall be worn in accordance with posted signs or as stated on the safe work permit. Contractor PPE is not supplied by Marathon.

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