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All persons interested in becoming contractors at the Marathon refinery in Detroit must complete and submit all of the forms below as discussed in order to come to work at the facility. Your supervisor should assist you in completing the steps required prior to coming on site. 

Here is a list of all the forms you will need:

Bulleted Dot Additional Confined Space Sign in Sign out for Authorized Entries
Bulleted Dot BSO Verification Form
Bulleted Dot Lenel Badge Acceptance Form
Bulleted Dot Lenel Badge Application Form
Bulleted Dot Contractor Parking Access Form
Bulleted Dot Beard Waiver Form

 Additional resources:

Bulleted Dot Map to Training Center
Bulleted Dot Facial Hair Policy Picture

Additional security forms:

Safety and security is vital at the Detroit Marathon Refinery.  A key component of the safety and security effort is the process of bringing contractors onsite and reporting the removal of laid off or released personnel.  To properly assist with this process, please submit the appropriate form below to DetroitSecurity@MarathonPetroleum.com.  

Bulleted Dot Request for Removal of Access
Bulleted Dot
 Request for Reactivation of Access

Bulleted Dot Request for Company Change Form

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