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Start of Shift Safety Meetings

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This tool, commonly referred to as Toolbox Meetings, will help drive the core value of ensuring refinery work groups discuss and focus attention on safety aspects of upcoming work. It is important to discuss these safety aspects prior to, or at the start of the work shift. They are designed to be a dedicated forum for employees to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

These meetings will occur at the beginning of the respective work group’s shift, and led by the employee identified on the Team Activity Plan. A formal topic does not have to be presented and discussed. For example, “Let’s talk about the safety for today’s jobs we have going on.” OR “We had a problem with a job yesterday and….” types of discussions are very appropriate. Other information could be related to refinery wide types of issues (e.g., X-rays occurring, fresh air jobs, confined spaces). The presenter of the information will vary. All members of the actual work group will have an opportunity to lead these meetings.

The Start of Shift Meetings form will be used to track attendance and document information that was discussed during this meeting. The completed forms will then be filed in the Team’s DRIVE Safety Manual.

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