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Job Safety Analysis

What is a JSA? Blank Form

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) involves the analyzing of a job or task step-by-step, recognizing the hazards associated with the steps, and determining the safe work practices required to either eliminate or reduce the hazards.

  • A planned activity is broken into a number of smaller tasks.
  • Potential hazards associated with each of the smaller tasks is identified.
  • A recommended corrective action is identified as a step to take to eliminate or reduce them to an acceptable risk level.
  • The process may identify requirements for new controls, additional PPE, safe work practices, modifications to existing controls, environmental controls, etc. It may also highlight the need to further assess a specific step.

What jobs need a JSA?

A JSA can be conducted on any job / task / activity. However, priority should be given to the following types of work:

  • Jobs with highest injury or incident rates
  • Jobs with potential to cause severe or disabling injuries or incidents, even if there is no history of previous injury / incident.
  • Jobs that are new to our work areas or have undergone changes in processes and procedures.
  • Jobs complex enough to require some written instruction (e.g., operating procedure).

Previously completed JSAs must be periodically reviewed among work group members to ensure that they remain current and continues to help reduce workplace injury & incident potential. Even if the job or task has not changed, it is possible that the review process will identify hazards that were not identified in the initial analysis.

How often are JSAs produced?

Each contractor company will complete or review one JSA per month. The JSA form will be utilized to document the JSA process. Completed JSAs will be reviewed by the work group and then forwarded to other work groups, Environmental, Safety & Security, Department Leadership and Process Specialist (as appropriate) for comment and review. All approved JSA’s will be signed by the Department Leader and submitted to the safety department for database entry (JSA library) and additional review by the JSA Committee. The JSA will then be available on the Detroit Newsstand’s Safety Page. JSAs can be completed at any time necessary. However, it appears to be most feasible during the Start of Shift Meeting Process or before starting the task. Also review the JSA at the end of the task to ensure all safety aspects were captured.

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